Welcome To SSN (Strongest State In Nigeria)

Season One TV Reality Show Hosted By Mega Solo Movie Academy. To Unite Nigeria

SSN means the 'Strongest State in Nigeria'. It is a TV reality show designed to unify or rather solidify the unity of Nigeria. The project is an annual event hosted in Nigeria to commensurate the display the strength, unity, and love amongst the 37 states of the federation. Every season, each state selects 2 representatives (a male & a female) that are bold, strong and intelligent, of the ages 18 years and above to represent the state. They will contest in an ultimate quest...

The Trophy of Unity. Which State Finds It?

SSN Prizes

The winner of SSN goes home with 10 Million Naira cash and a brand new car. The first runner up goes home with 5 Million Naira and a brand new car.

Other participants of SSN will recieve various awards, gifts and cash prizes


See the 74 contestants representing the 37 states of the federation. Get to know your favourite contestant and vote for them.



Catch up the entire 'Strongest State In Nigeria' TV reality show here online on SSN website. Get recaps, behind the scene and episodes you missed..


Photo Gallery

View the captivating and breath taking photos of the 'Strongest State In Nigeria' TV reality show. View enthralling moments captured at the perfect time.


States Team Forum

Interact with your favourite state contestants in the camp. Promote your favourite here and get more votes for them.


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